Tuesday, November 16, 2010

We Can Dance If We Want To...

The dance were dancing on the roads had better be that Safety Dance.
Cuz if your friends don't dance we can leave your friends behind!

Problem is, sometimes I feel like I'm the only one dancing.

I've stressed this so many times but it's important enough for me to say again.

You've seen the space, the room we Drivers leave between the bus and the vehicles in front of us. That space isn't left there as a favour to y'all so that you can jump in and use it.

Many of you can't stand going slowly in the slow lane behind the bus so you speed into the next lane and dart in front of the bus only to slam on your brakes as soon as you're in front of the bus then immediately turn into the driveway.
What the...?

Had you been patient, you would have been here in another 5 seconds but now you have the bus parked on your behind with 100 of my closest friends slammed up against the big glass windows in front of the bus, swearing at YOU because I stood on the brakes so that I didn't further compact your car.
Then you call my boss and complain that I was driving too closely?
Who do I call with your license plate number to complain?

I've actually heard somebody say that he wouldn't mind if the bus rear ended him because then RTD would have to buy him a new truck.

In case you haven't seen the News, almost all of the Bus vs Car accidents result in fatalities.
RTD may have to buy you a new truck but you won't be driving it, your grand kids will be.

Drivers have a rule:
The faster we go the more distance we have to put between us and the vehicles in front of us.
We do this because as we go faster, it takes longer to stop.
At 60 mph, we're travelling at around 88 feet per second.
We've travelled nearly the length of a football field in three seconds.
And if we slam on the brakes, in the summer, on a dry-clean road, it takes that whole football field to stop.
Whether your vehicle is somewhere in that football field doesn't matter to a bus that weighs 33 tons.
It still takes that whole football field and if your car's in the way, you become a grill ornament until the bus stops and you're peeled off.

So please please please, do not follow the bus on his bumper (we can't see you back there) and don't jump in front of the bus unless you're planning on speeding away.
We are trying our hardest (I'm trying my hardest) to be safe, leave plenty of distance and avoid any accidents.
For our sake, for the sake of the Passengers and for your sake.
I don't need the thousands of little heart attacks y'all give me daily.

Our bumpers read, "Thanks for the brake."
Thank you for the brake.

I know only a few of y'all are reading this.
So I guess this is more of a Prayer than a plea.

But for those of you who take this to heart, I appreciate it.
Thank you.
I'm trying to be safe, thank you for helping me.

As always, "Welcome aboard, find your seats - Let's Roll!"

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