Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Living On The Edge...

When I started here I was a wide eyed stallion ready to blow everybody away with my gung ho, can do attitude and abilities.
Oh, I knew I was a lamb walking into a lion's den and taking chances but for me, that was an opportunity - a challenge to be better than all those who'd come before.

I was built for this.
I love serving customers.
I can pick you up, take you where you want to go and do it in style with a smile.
I can give you directions, sing a song and tap out a melody.

I've met others along the way who've made me wonder what they were doing in this biz.
And I said to myself, "I'll never be like that!"
Along the way I've met folks who've been around for ten, fifteen and twenty years plus and some are downright dripping with positive attitudes.
And I said to myself, "I am going to be like THAT!"

After-all, I've had my Dale Carnegie, my Steven Covey, my decades of experience.
I knew I could do this.

So I started this blog as a testament to my will, my fight and my endurance.
My travels and travails.

I recently got a comment that made me spend a few days re-reading my posts.
From the beginning to the end.


I've really fallen off the wagon, as it were.
Under the bus, you can say.

I've become one of "those people - THEM!"

I've learned to curb my enthusiasm, to throttle my excitement and slow my drive.
I've grown to rein in my horses and burn that candle at only one end at a time.

I've learned to blend in and do for me, to shine around you folks but to disappear into the chaos of each day.

I've been beaten and slapped around by the union, with no defense from my employer - what can they do, the union has them by the ...
I've been singled out by racist co-workers, I've been bullied for my sexual orientation, my lifestyle choice and my religion.
Again, with no support or defense by my employer - what can they do against a union who threatens extortion with every word from their fork-tongued mouths.

You, my loving and supportive customers, passengers, fellow humans - you appreciate my extra miles, you call my supervisors and write to my bosses, you praise and lift me up.
But the words fall on deaf ears and standing out gets me worn back down so that we're all "equal."
Whether that means equally bad or just equally mediocre, stand outs aren't allowed.

But I still love my job.
I love serving YOU.

So it is with heavy heart that I keep my job, that I willingly work with these customer hating unionists.
These people who - but for the best of us - can drag down the rest of us to their level.
I want to keep my job but each day I find I'm compromising myself, everything about me to continue to work for this union.

I know I've said over the years that I work for RTD, I'm not one of those who work AT RTD FOR the union.
But I've been reminded over the years that that attitude, that I work for RTD will get me harassed, accosted, vandalized and literally screamed at by my superiors - who of course work for "the union."

You've seen me take longer and longer breaks between posts.
And that hurts, I love expressing my joy at working here with y'all, the great stories and experiences each and every day.
There are so many exciting things happening - from the new guidance systems, the new automatic stop announcements, the new light rails and stations opening up.

If I go into the "drafts" section of my blog, I'll find countless posts started and left for dead.
Hang my head and walk away shaking that head, wishing I had the emotional gas tank full enough to handle the grief I'd get the following day.

I love you guys, and Lord willing - I'm not giving up.
I'm sticking around as long as y'all will let me.
I'm just gonna spend the next couple of decades doing it over there - where nobody notices me.
Out of sight, out of mind.


As Always, "Welcome aboard, Find your seats, Don't say my name out loud - Let's Roll!"

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

RTD Buses Running Red Lights...

FOX31 (KDVR) News here in Denver ran a quick report on buses and their driver who run red lights.

The reporter who produced the report intelligently voiced the report as "RTD Buses."
Not once did he state RTD Drivers.
And when the reporter interviewed RTD's Scott Reed, You'll notice that Mr. Reed very carefully stated RTD's policies pertaining to RTD Drivers.

Jeremy Hubbard was the idiot who, in his undereducated blathering, singled out RTD Drivers as being the ones breaking the laws.

As we all remember, it wasn't an RTD employee who was operating the RTD bus that ran the red light on Lincoln & 8th Avenue back in 2010.

That's not to say that RTD drivers do not run red lights.
But it is a point that RTD drivers drive a minority of the routes.
The Private companies operate more routes.

The reporter who produced this piece understood that and very carefully read his copy as "RTD Buses" knowing that while RTD owns all of the buses, they do not operate them all.

Does that mean that the Private/for profit companies have more drivers and more buses on the road at any given moment, breaking more laws, running more red lights and getting more complaints?
I personally don't think that's true but I don't know for a fact so I cannot say.

But I do know that I'm very sick of being lumped together with the private companies.
I personally don't believe we all have the same goal, the same expectation of customer service, the same sense of values or the same loyalty to RTD, the brand, the product, the service.

I go out of my way to serve the customer.
I don't feel that the for profit, private companies share that same value.

Does that mean I'm right, or that there aren't exceptions to my mental "rule?"
Not by a long shot, I'm sure that I'm being biased and "patriotic" to my employer, to my company.

When we found out that the NE Patriots won all those games by cheating, did we lump every team in the league together or did we recognize those who weren't cheating?
No, you folks here in Denver say, "Patriots SUCK, Broncos RULE!!!!"
You have your own loyalties as well.

When one of these private companies who lease RTD buses treats his passengers like trash, runs red lights and skips stops all together, why do you lump all of us together with him?

I've heard it time and again, overall y'all can tell the difference between RTD drivers and the others.

So why are these News anchors so danged biased and hateful, lumping RTD Drivers together with the privates?

Again, we're not blameless.
But why couldn't the reporter who produced this piece done something like compare the records of the three companies who operate RTD buses?
Why couldn't he have shown (hopefully supporting my personal belief that RTD Drivers are safer) which drivers have safer records overall?
Which companies have safer drivers overall?
Which companies have fewer tickets and accidents?

Etc etc etc.

I'm sure there are plenty of people working for those private companies who share my desire to serve you, the passenger and customer with all of our hearts.
I'm sure there are plenty of good drivers and good customer service providers over there as well.

But I'm fiercely loyal to my employer, our product and service.
I do my best to provide my passengers/customers with the best service I'm able.
I wear the RTD logo, not the logo of the private, for profit companies.
I like to believe we're better and I personally like to believe it's a competition to provide better service than they do.
And dangit, I'm going to win!

And folks, remember that these are just the rants of a mad man.
I'm one voice, and that voice is not the official voice of RTD.
In fact, we've all seen their demand of me to remind y'all that RTD neither sponsors nor endorses my blog nor anything I write herein.

As Always, "Welcome aboard, Find your seats, Look out for that red light - Let's Roll!"

Saturday, October 26, 2013

RTD Mall Shuttle Ads Go Anti-Semitic

This ad, aimed at God loving supporters of Israel, was timed to coincide with a conference here in Denver.
You could take it two ways actually.
For example:
The islamists (Palestinians) have made it their life goal, their religion to kill every Israelite.
To put it into words we've all heard echo'd across the media,
"To wipe every last trace if Israel off the maps and from the history books."

So I guess that this could mean that if you wanted to stop the ethnic cleansing, you'd have to stop supporting the liberal/religious left and their anti-Israel efforts.

But it's meant to defame Israel and her supporters who defend Israel against the islamic homicidal bombings,  terrorist activities, invasions and attacks that happen daily.

I'm sure this is covered by somebody's freedom of speech but this is far over the line of pure hate speech.

I know that RTD will take just about anybody's money in ad revenue...trying to make ends meet.
But this is way overboard.

99.99% of the hatred and racism and liberalism I've experienced here since I've started can be traced to be the fault of the union that oppresses this company.
This is the first time I can say that I'm embarrassed by my company's choice of this hateful anti-Semitic ad.

You can read more by clicking here:
---> Click Here <----

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

You've Got To Fight, For Your Right...

With this new law/tax going into affect (obamaCare) Colorado's insurance exchanges cranked into business - then ground to a halt - but still went into affect at the beginning of October.

One has to simply spend 5 minutes to find great coverage for far less.
I say far less but I'll explain that phrase here in a minute.

RTD gives each employee who is shackled by the union, something like $549 a month to pay for health insurance.
But that stipend never makes it to the employee.
The union snags that then sends a piece of paper to the employee that reads, "Hey, in order to satisfy the new obamaCare tax/law, you are covered."
That coverage for a single member - on top of the $549 the union already collects from RTD on the member's behalf - can cost hundreds of dollars more.
OR that member can take a "high deductible - no premium" coverage that can cost the members thousands of dollars in yearly deductibles to use, were that member to ever need it.

5 minutes on any of these new health insurance exchange sites and you can find Gold level coverage with no deductibles and $20 copays for close to half the cost of the monthly stipend that RTD gives us to use for health insurance.

The union takes that money then charges the member almost twice that much again each month while offering far less coverage.

And the union says it is looking out for and providing benefits to the members!

Well, along comes Allen Grove.

A mechanic from RTD's Platte Division who no longer wants to put up with the union's hate and extortion of both RTD, the tax payer/public/customer and the employees.

The union sent a letter to all of us to let us know that Allen Grove filed a petition to allow the maintenance employees to be free from the union tyranny and leave the union.
Of course the union paints that as the end of the world as we know it, for all employees being oppressed by the union and for those who would leave.

The letter includes two pages of liberal propaganda to scare members into voting against allowing the maintenance employees their freedom from the union.

Finally, the end of this propaganda letter admits that the union king pin cannot deny Allen Grove his right to pursue this petition to get the heck out and he admits that the rest of us have the right to speak up - to support and join Mr. Allen Grove in his efforts to rid himself and his coworkers of this demoralizing and oppressive organization.

Allen Grove:
We support you.
You'd be surprised, in spite of what the few union supporters and their mob bosses will lead us to believe, there are many of us who will support you.
When the vote comes, in spite of the scare tactics, the bullying employed at the ballot box and the threats they liberally spread around the work force - we will vote with you and grant you your freedom of choice.

The writer of the union propaganda letter & his side kick have both expressed their lack of love for those they profess to represent and they are very vocal in their pride of their extortion of the public, the tax payer, the customer and RTD.
He urges us to push aside how we feel about him personally but he forgets that it is him personally who embodies and personifies the union.

Stand strong Mr. Allen Grove.
We're standing with you.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Ten Hup!

In the Army & Air Force they have 3 General Orders for their troops.
In the Marine Corps & Navy they have 11 General Orders.

These General Orders are like basic instructions for each and every troop, governing their actions in various situations.

Here at RTD we have our Ten Commandments.
Please keep the uproar to a low murmur.
I'm not being blasphemous, I'm simply making a light hearted joke.
I have the utmost respect for our Lord/God's Ten Commandments.
Apologies to the overly sensitive aside, back to our Ten Commandments!
Like the Military's General Orders, our Ten Commandments govern our actions in various situations.
Here they are:

1) Our Passengers:
Are the most important people in our business.

2) Our Passengers:
Are not dependent upon us, we are dependent upon them.

3) Our Passengers:
Are not an interruption of our work, they are the purpose of it.

4) Our Passengers:
Do us a favor by giving us the opportunity to serve them.

5) Our Passengers:
Are not outsiders to our business, they are our business.

6) Our Passengers:
Are not cold statistics, they are human beings with feelings and emotions just like you and me.

7) Our Passengers:
ave particular needs, it is our job to satisfy those needs.

8) Our Passengers:
Are not persons to argue or match wits with, NO ONE ever won an argument with a customer.

9) Our Passengers:
Should always be treated with courtesy.

10) Our Passengers:
Are so satisfied with how we do our jobs pleasantly & helpfully that they will take The Ride again and again.

LOL - keep in mind that these are OUR Ten Commandments (RTD) - I can't and won't speak for the private companies!

Out on the "Parade Deck" you can find hundreds of Drivers each morning marching around with window squeegees in one hand and ticket punches in the other.
Shouting Cadence & our Ten Commandments:

"Route Fifteen ELL rolling down the street,
Picking up Passengers and filling up the seats...."

As Always, "Welcome aboard, Find your seats, At Ease Privates - Let's Roll!"

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Safety First

I was checking out the Federal Statistics portal and reading through the Dept. of Transportation's Bus numbers.

Did you know that in the last 20 years (1990-2010) while the number of buses and commercial trucks almost doubled from 6.8 million to 11.6 million, the number of crashes & numbers of trucks and buses involved in crashes & people injured in those crashes in 2010 have fallen to better than half from 1990?

AND a huge portion of those injuries are a result of movement during the accident, not because of the accident.
I was reading here that because public transportation has no seat belts, that because folks are walking around, changing seats, not paying attention, standing up, etc - that these behaviours contribute to injury during accidents.

Ever ridden the Mall Shuttle?
We have to hit our brakes, heck we have to stand on our brakes at least once per round trip.
And y'all in the back know what that's like even when you are paying attention, holding onto a rail and already packed in like sardines in a can.
You suddenly get to know your fellow passengers much more intimately!

The news loves to sensationalize all the accidents involving RTD vehicles.
But the facts are that those numbers are falling.
And the number of times RTD is hit far far outweighs those in which RTD hits.

Yes, every accident is a tragedy but c'mon...there are fewer tragedies these days than there were just two decades ago.
Heck, there are buses out there that old!
And many of you aren't even that old to begin with.

Anywho, I was just noticing that it's getting pretty danged safe on our roads.

As Always, "Welcome aboard, Find your seats, Buckle Up for safety - Let's Roll!"

Transfers Part Two - 2013 Version!

Many of you already know but it would seems that even more of you don't understand ... yet.

In January we introduced that SmartCard reader for folks with ECO, NECO and College Passes.

Eventually we're told the SmartCard will migrate to the monthly passes to include stuff like coupons and discount cards.
We've heard that should happen by the end of Summer 2013.
We'll see.

But in the mean time, with this new vote, new year and new Card Reader system, the transfers have been modified.

We used to be taught that we tear the transfers to expire one hour after the last stop on our routes.
Now the new rule is to tear them three hours after the starting point.

For the majority of you that gives you way more time.

For example:
If I'm driving the 44 and I leave Applewood/Walmart at 2:06pm, then I'm going to set my transfers to expire at 5:20pm.
A whole bunch of you get off downtown when I hit the 16th Street Mall around 2:45pm.
That means you still have about two and a half hours to go!

Even if you don't get off until the Airport/40th PnR, you'll still have an hour on your transfer.
No time lost and really no different than the previous rule of one hour after my last stop.

On shorter routes, let's say I'm doing a 0L.
I'd leave the I-25/Broadway Station at 6:00am and get you to the Civic Centre Station by 6:15am!
Now you walk away with a transfer that still good until at least 9am.
Heck, you could take local buses all the way up into Boulder and still have time left on your transfer with that one.

Again, most of you are making out like bandits with this new system.
Those few of you who tell me you're losing time have to first explain how you're losing something you didn't have in the first place.
Then do the math and tell me again how much you believe you're losing.

Once we go fully digital, once the SmartCard is system wide, then you'll appreciate the new transfer policy all the more.
Heck, you may even long for the paper transfers back.

I won't but you may.
But seriously.

As of January 2013, the new rule is three hours from the starting point.
If it's 2:00pm then your transfers will expire no earlier than 5:00pm.

And you KNOW some of us break the rules and give you "extra" time anyway, so HUSH y'all.

As Always, "Welcome aboard, Find your seats, Ask for a Transfer- Let's Roll!"

Friday, January 18, 2013

Say It Again, Sam!

We had a memo/bulletin come out last week that made me sad.
It was a reminder that we cannot "eject" passengers.

It didn't make me sad because we cannot eject our passengers.
It made me sad because there are still those around who think we can!

Both passenger and Driver still think that as Drivers, we are "captains" of the ship.

We are not.
We're simply Drivers, chauffeurs taught how to handle these beasts and guide them along the routes.

In training we're taught to educate and accommodate.
The memo reminds us of this.

You know those tags on hair dryers that tell folks not to use the dryer in the tub/shower?
They had to put those on there because somebody was just that intelligent and did exactly that.

This memo was the same thing - to remind some Drivers that they are not allowed to be ejecting folks from the bus.

If you get on without paying, I have a button to push.
If you cause a disturbance, I have a button to push.
If you're too drunk, too dangerous or just too plain stupid, I have a button for that!

I'll pull over to the next stop and you get to see those neatly uniformed men board the bus and give you the attention you so obviously desire.
But I won't argue with you, debate your fare or whether that was a quarter or dime.
I won't debate whether that transfer was expired or whether your grandmother just dying and you needing to get to the hospital is reason for a free ride.

I'll simply educate, "The fare is X and I'm not authorized to give free rides," then accommodate you by allowing you to decide whether to sit down without paying the correct fare or step off the bus.

Parents - I'm not kicking your kiddos off the bus so that they can't get to or from school.
Caregivers - I'm not leaving your charges out in the cold.
Families -  I'm not driving away from your drunken loved ones in the middle of the night in some scary neighborhood.

Everybody gets a ride, I can't "kick them off."
Whether they get tickets is up to somebody else - if a supervisor or a fare inspector comes to visit, that's their call not mine.

I'm just the Driver.
My job is to meet my passenger's public transit needs by offering safe, clean, reliable, courteous & accessible service throughout my route.

I'm sad that we needed a memo/bulletin to remind us of this.
We are not police, captains, authority figures or judges.
We are Drivers, monitoring the safety of those on the bus and around us outside - safely and expediently guiding these 20 ton hulks around the Front Range.

You need a ride?
I gotcha covered.

As Always, "Welcome aboard, Find your seats, Look out for my ejection button - Let's Roll!"

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Bah Bah Black Sheep...

Keep in mind that these are my opinions and that RTD neither condones nor endorses my thoughts, my site, my opinions, etc etc etc...

So I am an avid reader.
I read RTD's website, nearly every single page.
I keep an eye on their YouTube.
I read RTD's Twitter and their FaceBook as well.

Not to mention I hear y'all daily.

Before I answer some of the cheese and whine I want to point out that one of our mantras is:

"Our Customers are not persons to argue or match wits with, NO ONE ever won an argument with a customer."

So obviously when I hear all this at work, I just keep my mouth shut, smile and nod then continue along with my job of happily providing the best danged service I can.

There is one complaint that I scream on the inside every time I hear it.

I used to ride the bus before I became a Driver, before I came to work here at RTD.
I did so for a very long time and I've very familiar with the in and outs.
Coming to work at RTD, they specifically ask us if we have reliable transportation to work, transportation that is not the bus.
We have to be able to get to work in any weather and condition.

One of the lines in our handbook reads, "The bus was late' is not an acceptable excuse."

When there is snow, I leave for work extremely early and get to work usually when I'd normally be just waking up.
And amazingly, most of my fellows are there as well.
We plan ahead and take responsibility for getting to our jobs on time.

So when I hear somebody complain about the bus always being late, always making them late, being unreliable...etc etc etc
I think to myself, "then just take an earlier bus!"
"But I shouldn't have to do that. I pay good money for my monthly pass and expect reliable service. RTD doesn't care, they just take our money, raise the rates, give themselves raises and do whatever they want."

When I'm driving, I care.
I start to care less about folks like YOU but overall, I care about the other 99.9999999999% of my customers/passengers.
When I drive, I'm busting my butt to get to my stops on time.

Our old radios used to tell us when we were 3 minutes late.
When we hit 5, we got calls from dispatch.
At ten, we had to call in and we'd better have a dang good excuse.

I've driven nearly 3 in 4 routes out of Platte and I can't recall ONE route that wasn't tough to keep time.
Sure there are stretches on every route, times when it's dead and you can make up lost time.
But just when you're back on track there's 30 people at the next stop, half in wheelchairs or paying with pennies!
Don't hear something I'm not saying in that last sentence.
It's my job to care for every single passenger, regardless of how they pay, or how they board.
Or how long it takes to board them.
It simply takes a minute longer to strap in a chair or to unjam 30 pennies jammed in the slot.
These things happen and it's just a part of life, a part of the job.

But there is going to be that one loser in the back who is going to scream at the person in the chair, or at me for taking that extra minute to make certain they are secure, or who screams at the person paying with pennies or writing out a check - lol, I'm kidding, we don't take checks.

Or the person at the next stop who is going to cuss and swear at me for being a minute, two minutes, five minutes late then call in and complain about me.

All because that one loser slept in late or waited until the last minute to leave the house and believes the world owes him to get him to work on time in spite of his every effort against the world.

So when I hear those whines, moaning about late buses ruining their lives - I wonder if they are the same folks who wake up late, leave the house at the last minute, speed down the highway and complain about the cop who pulled them over for speeding.
I can just hear them:
"I pay good money in taxes that pay for my license, my fees, your salary! You can't keep the roads clear of traffic and you make me late to work every day. Then you give me a ticket? You obviously just take my money and don't care - I'm calling to complain about you..."

As I read through RTD's pages and I see these same few names complaining, I see RTD and RTD's Directors trying to be patient and accommodating and eventually just give up and move on.
I want to jump in and remind folks to take responsibility for their own actions.

Yes RTD is late sometimes.
There are 150 routes spread over 2400 miles.
10,000 bus stops, 800 buses out at any one time.
Half a million boardings each week.

There is only one of YOU and you can't even get to work on time 5 days a week.
And all you got is to blame somebody else for you not taking responsibility and leaving the house a few minutes early to catch an earlier bus or simply get to the stop on time.

I feel for the folks who have to take your complaints every day.
They obviously don't get paid enough.

I'm taught by my trainers to have this attitude:
I'm paid by the minute.
I take each minute to do my job, do it the best way I can and to not worry about the previous minute or the next until I've made the most of every second of the current minute.

Ok, my ranting about the one or two whiners in a sea of freaking awesome customers is over.
I just had to get that out of my system.

I think I'm good for a bit longer!

As Always, "Welcome aboard, Find your seats,  Whether we're on-time or late - Let's Roll!"

Say What?

Overheard (read) in Twitter ( Very Grumpy Cat ):

I'm not saying I hate you, I'm just saying if you got hit by a bus, I would be driving that bus.

I'm not sure how I feel about that...but I can admit I smirked!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

It's A New Year With Some New Changes...

Happy New Year!

So it's 2013 and we have a few changes.
Some changes coming now.
And more changes later in the year.

But let's start with the immediate changes; who they affect and who they don't.

The Smart Card.

You've seen all of our Smart Card readers, the new radios and heard about the changes on all the local news channels.
I've been asked about this constantly for the last six months.

It's here...mostly!

The Smart Card is replacing the myriad of
Passes RTD has out there.
From the 6 bazillion College passes to the 4 trillion Eco and NEco passes.
All the tickets and coupons and all the different Monthly passes.
And eliminate 90% of the transfers we hand out.

As of this month, the
Smart Card only affects those with College & Eco (NEco) Passes.

For College students, when your current sticker expires you'll be given the new College Pass Smart Card.

For Eco Pass holders, if you haven't already been given your new Smart Card, it's on its way to you now.

Hang onto your current pass and make sure you still have your sticker on it.
We're extending any deadlines/expiry dates to January 31st of this year.
This way Eco Pass holders have a chance to get the new cards and still use their old ones while they wait.

But that's the extent of the current changes: Eco & College Smart Cards.

Regular Monthly passes don't go "Smart" until the Fall and we'll be selling Tickets & Coupons at least until then and accepting them through the end of this year when they all expire.

So if you use Monthly Passes and/or Tickets & Coupons, you won't see any changes this month.

And NO - at this time, there are no Fare increases being announced, at least none that I've heard or read on RTD's site!

Starting in 2014, the only folks who'll be using cash and asking for paper transfers will be the one time and first time riders who probably won't ride again or who've only just begun to learn how to use the system.

This is what I've been taught, told and what I've learned so far.
But I strongly recommend you call in (303-299-6000) and ask them, they know far more than I.
And read
RTD's web site.
There are a ton of
pages dedicated to this change.
There is a customer service number for the Smart Card as well (303-299-2273)

And don't forget that there are 
Service Changes coming up next week.
The new schedules are in the buses and Stations as we speak, grab the new ones so there are no surprises come Sunday (January 6th).

As Always, "Welcome aboard, Find your seats,  Break out the Smart Cards - Let's Roll!" 

Friday, December 21, 2012

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Folks are asking for the schedules for Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year's Eve and New Year's Day.
Folks are asking about the Free Ride on New Year's Eve.

Just posted on
RTD's FaceBook Page is (and their home page) is this schedule:
"-Wondering what our service schedule for bus and light rail will be like over the holidays?

-Monday 12/24 Christmas Eve: weekday schedule;

-Tuesday 12/25 Christmas Day: holiday schedule;

-Wednesday 12/26 day after Christmas: weekday schedule;

-Monday 12/31 New Years Eve: weekday schedule, FREE service after 7pm;

-Tuesday 1/01: holiday schedule, FREE service until 6am"

Oh yeah, and another thing that's posted on their home page and y'all are asking about are the schedule changes that begin on January 6, 2013.

As Always, "Welcome aboard, Find your seats,  Merry Christmas to All & to All Let's Roll!"

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Money For Nothing...

And your trips for free...
I want my, I want my, I want my trips for free.

LOL, gotta love Dire Straits.

With our new Smart Cards coming out in January - The Eco & College Passes - and the My Card for monthly & discount users, etc, there are other benefits coming as well.
One of those is the ability to use Credit Cards on the Light Rail systems.

More and more I'm hearing customers getting frustrated with the fare box and ticket vending machine's inability to accept credit slash debit cards.

Well, finally you're going to get your wishes.
This Summer the Light Rail ticket vending machines will be updated to accept credit cards.

And that's the extent of what I've heard slash read slash been told.

If you want more information you'll have to call 303.299.CARD and visit the web page for more:


That said, here's my two cents.
And it's actually .275% rather than two cents.

What's the going rate on credit card transactions?
Isn't it like around 3 tenths of a percent of the transaction?

Folks, you remember that RTD is a tax payer supported municipality, right?

If you demand that RTD buy new trains, new buses, build new lines and add new routes, more frequent service, etc etc etc....
You KNOW who has to pay for that, right?

If y'all are asking RTD to start accepting credit cards, you realize that the price of the ride has to increase to reflect at least the increase in cost of providing that service you demanded, right?

RTD doesn't make a profit, so you're asking them to either not raise fares but cut back other services to afford this service or you're going to have to accept the cost increase when they come to the tax payer and ask for an increase in taxes and raise the fares to reflect the increased service demand.

And of course that's just my two cents slash .275%.
I've not heard ANY rumours of fare increases or anything.

I'm just thinking this through.

Personally, I think the entire system should be user supported, riders paying for the service they use, not the tax payer.
But I also think that regular yearly increases, like a nickel or dime each year.
Something that we can all count on so the extra quarter neither surprises nor offends us.
And something RTD can count on to continue to use to increase the services we demand.

Anywho, what I think and what happens in reality are usually far apart but we'll see how this comes to pass.
Get it?
"Comes to...PASS?"
See what I did there?
Jeesh, never

As Always, "Welcome aboard, Find your seats,  Put away your Credit Cards - Let's Roll!"

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Stupid Is As Stupid Does...

As far as Drivers and over all employees go here at work, I feel as if I'm in that top ten percent of folks who are easy going, let crap roll off our shoulders, smile, turn the other cheek, etc.
I think I'm pretty danged tolerant but I know some folks who make me look like I've got a short fuse and I'm grumpy all the time.

That said, I tend to find my customers/passengers entertaining and fun, far more than annoying and intolerable.
I hear the rants, I see the crazy and I'm amused - free entertainment while I'm getting paid!

But lately I've been hearing more and more of the ignorant side to the whining.

For example:
"RTD takes more and more money, cuts more and more routes & services but could care less about being on time, keeping schedules and customer service."

Reasons Why )

I love this link because it explains a butt load of things RTD does.
I guarantee you that 3 in 4 of you whiners don't have the patience to read even one of those FAQs but for the rest of you, take the time to read that through and I guarantee you that you'll have at least one, "Ohhhhh!" moment.

I've been here for three years now and still read that and get those Ah-ha moments.

But for those of you who feel entitled to RTD's services, that RTD owes you a cheap ride, at all hours of the day & night, from your front door to your destination - let me sum this up for you:

Call a cab and get over yourself.

I hear these ignorant comments about the high fares, RTD just charging more and more and giving less and less, about Drivers who can't keep schedules, etc and all I can think of is how sad y'all make me.
I'm saddened by such a lack of intelligence, such a lack of care or concern - of over all understanding of how the world around you works.

Blah - I still love my job, my customers and most of my co-workers.
I've just had it up to here (holding my hand up to my eyebrows) with the stupidity - the pure hatred to accuse me and my co-workers of such sloth.

So please - take 30 minutes out of your day surfing FaceBook, 30 minutes out of your day playing your video games or watching TV to read about a service for which you and I pay, a service that you use and upon which you count to get you back and forth all day.

Then let's talk.

As Always, "Welcome aboard, Find your seats,  Read
THIS while you're on the bus - Let's Roll!"

Monday, December 3, 2012

I Love L.A....

Wait, wrong version of that song!

When I post about the negative affects of the union on RTD, its employees and its customers - I get emails and comments asking me whether I love my job.
Usually along the lines of, "If you hate it there so much, you should just quit!"

But these are simply the taunts of those who support the oppressive socialist union and hate RTD and her customers.

I love my job.
I love helping folks get to and from their points.
I love when folks tell me I'm the best Driver they've ever ridden with, or that they appreciate what I do or whatever the comments are.
I love the variety, the myriad of it all.
I love the conversations y'all have with me.
I've loved the sightseeing and touring I've done around the Front Range.

There is nothing bad about working here at RTD.
Nothing that is except when it comes to the union.
The union forces RTD to discriminate, to oppress, to make life and morale crap around here.

But most of us know it's not RTD, it's the union.
All these hateful, socialist & liberal practices are forced on and supported by the union.

The black cloud hovering over RTD, oppressing the employees and the customer is the union.

I love my job, I love the customer, I love RTD.

But I don't represent the union or those employees whose loyalties remain with the union and not RTD.
They hold the opposite opinion from me.

As Always, "Welcome aboard, Find your seats, Know that your Driver loves you in spite of the union - Let's Roll!"

She'll Be Coming Around The Mountain When She Comes...

I've had a butt load of Drivers and other RTD employees gripped by the oppressive fists of the social regime known as ATU 1001 - I've had these folks approach me and tell me they plan to cross any strike line the union is going to force RTD employees to create.

In the last few months, we've had more and more training and even more recently we've heard ever increasing rumours of the pending strike to extort more money from the tax payer to support the extravagant lifestyles of the union leadership.

And in light of this threat, I've had folks come to me asking how we cross the extortion lines and continue to be faithful employees to our employer without suffering the fines and penalties the union slaps on those who oppose it.

There is a way and I'll make sure to spell it out step by step so that the other 90% of us can come to work without fear while the union throws its fit and goes on strike.

In the mean time, I've been reading up on the union and RTD and I found a post in Wiki that reads that the union only struck once before back in 2006 and it was for only 7 days.
A result of that strike was that the for-profit private companies grabbed an increased share of the routes from RTD, a grab that has grown to around 60% of the routes.

I can't find an exact number on that percentage but folks keep telling me that it's around 40% or less of the services that RTD operates, the rest are the companies that y'all complain about.

One more reason the unions are bad for the business, for the employee and for the customer.

As Always, "Welcome aboard, Find your seats, Don't give into the socialist oppression - Let's Roll!"

Sunday, December 2, 2012


So the Union is falling apart - finally.
As membership declines across the Nation, Veolia Transportation gets fed up with ATU 1001 and asks to leave the union.

All the members were asked to vote whether to allow Veolia to leave and I personally heard it echoed across the spectrum, "If they want out, why not let them go?"

Everybody I know voted to let them leave the union.

When we went into cast our votes, there were a couple of thugs sitting in from of the ballots and a box into which we dropped out ballots.
The ballot wasn't professional or objective as you'd expect any ballot to be, like a local, state or federal election is.

This was a biased, propaganda ridden slash loaded question type of ballot.

The question was whether to allow Veolia to leave the union but the way it was worded was, "yes, kick them out and let them fend for themselves" or words to that effect.

It was very hostile, very liberal and very hateful.

As was the air and manner of the thugs conducting the vote.

Oh well...I've not yet heard the results of our vote last Friday but I'm sure Veolia will be granted their freedom from the union oppression.

Now if only they would allow RTD employees to vote to be free of the ATU 1001...that would be a dream come true.
Not only for us but for all of Colorado and RTD customers.

As Always, "Welcome aboard, Find your seats, Vote for Freedom - Let's Roll!"

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead!

Speaking of Ding Dongs...

I'm sure we've all heard about the Hostess fiasco.
The Unions demanded more money, more benefits and refused to allow any benefit cuts in order to save the company.
Of course the Unions will tell you that it's company mismanagement of funds and in a sense, they are right.
The company kept giving into the Union's extortion.

And like every other private American company that's been extorted by the Unions in the past, the company has the choice of either outsourcing to afford to operate, of cutting services and operations back (scaling back) or of going bankrupt.
We've watched our manufacturing base move overseas or go belly up in response to Union extortion.
Some companies smart up and move to non-Union States, like Boeing.

I mention this because RTD has been gripped by Union (ATU 1001) extortion for decades.
The Union's contract is expiring in March and even though the average Coloradoan hasn't seen a wage increase and RTD has been cutting back on services in response to the slagged economy...even though we (the Taxpayer) can't afford it, the Union feels it is entitled to more of what you have.

The Union raised our dues at least twice over the last year or so, and they are going to raise it again and all that does is fatten their wallets and get obama re-elected.
They want you to pay more to the RTD employee so that they can charge us more and buy bigger homes, nicer cars and afford better lives than we have.

They feel they are entitled to what you have and that you owe them all they can extort from you.

And you can bet that they will strike, shut down services that are vitally needed here on the Front Range, just to force you to pay it.

Just another heads up.

I've heard talk after talk, rumour after rumour and we've had dozens of meetings to prepare us for "action."

As Always, "Welcome aboard, Find your seats, Don't give the Unions an inch - Let's Roll!"

Hush Your Mouth!

Some (many?) of you have seen this ad on the buses recently.I've been having folks/passengers storm off buses as if this is offensive.

Years ago I heard a quote that I love and live by:

"The truth is hate to those who hate the truth."

Those who call this hate speech and what not, their real beef is with the fact that this is truth.

All that aside (sorta!) keep in mind that RTD is a municipality.
They are funded mostly by tax payers dollars.
And those tax payers make up a complete spectrum of beliefs.
From those who agree with this ad to those who disagree.

Some of the comments I've heard from those who disagree with this ad would seem to imply that if any ad offends anybody of any belief, that ad should be censored/pulled as hate speech.
It's those who disagree with The Constitution who've wasted tax payer's money across this country at other transit districts with frivolous lawsuits they have failed.
In every case, this ad has been supported by the Constitution as a Freedom of Speech, Expression & Religion.

The Constitution gives us the Freedom OF Speech, not from it.

All that aside, I'd like to take some quotes by RTD on this subject (
from their FaceBook Page):
"To be clear, RTD does not endorse or support any of the products, services, issues or candidates that choose to buy ad space on our vehicles. Since we are a taxpayer funded agency and not a private organization, our ad space is subject to the 1st Amendment and our ability to reject ads based on their content is thus limited. Our Advertising Standards Policy does allow us to reject ads that are obscene, promote illegal activities, promote tobacco, or are false, misleading, or deceptive. RTD's Legal, Purchasing and Marketing units each reviewed the ads and could find no *legally* supportable reason to reject them. Similar ads have been popping up at other transit agencies across the country over the past several years. In each case, the few agencies that initially refused to run the ads ended up being challenged in court and ultimately lost, making those agencies pay significant legal costs and generating a large amount of negative publicity well above and beyond what the ads themselves generated. As required by our Advertising Standards Policy, the creator and purchaser of any political ad must be clearly displayed on the ad, as it is in this case. If you are interested in contacting the American Freedom Defense Initiative, the organization responsible for the content of the ad, the email for their Executive Director Pamela Geller, is

As stated previously, our marketing, purchasing, and legal departments were unable to find a legally justifiable reason to reject this ad. Though the content of the ad and opinions expressed by the ad have been condemned by the community and local media as intolerant, distasteful, and offensive, the content of the ad does not make any explicitly false, misleading, or deceptive claims that would give RTD legal grounds to reject the ad. Legal precedent has been established in favor of the advertiser every time a transit agency has tried to reject similar ads, resulting in significant legal costs for the agency (and tax-payers). This situation has little to do with advertising dollars, as advertising revenue made up a mere .4% of our total annual revenues in 2011...

Please note that we do not endorse or support any of the products, services, issues or candidates that choose to buy ad space on our vehicles. It is not an issue of whether or not we agree with them, it is an issue of free speech and 1st Amendment Rights granted to our advertisers by the United States Constitution. We have limited ability to reject ads, and our lawyers have determined that there in insufficient grounds for RTD to legally defend itself in a court of law if we were to reject this ad and be sued by the advertiser. Legal precedents established in similar cases involving other transit agencies have always favored the advertiser. Please understand that there is nothing we can legally do about this ad, and that it will be removed in about a week."

As Always, "Welcome aboard, Find your seats, Keep your opinions to yourself - Let's Roll!"

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Just wow!

It's been a very long, very hot summer.

And it's been a hard one on Drivers this year.

The heat has driven passengers crazy and driven some of the extreme elements of our workforce to show their true colours.
I've never been subject to as much hatred and racism and discrimination as I have this year alone and every bit of it from "union" employees here at RTD.

Sadly, there's not a whole lot RTD can do about it.
We had a survey recently but that's cosmetic.
The bad element gets to keep their jobs, protected by the union and encouraged some might even venture to say.
Leaving RTD with black eyes thanks to union values (or lack thereof!)

And this leads us to a huge fight coming shortly.

Douglas County's fight with the teacher's union is still going on:

( )

The union scared to death of allowing the public to vote on the union's life.
Knowing that the public has no sympathy for unions - as evidenced in Wisconsin this year.

So of course they did the liberal spin and dance like we hear o'bummer doing during his campaign, telling us that a public vote against the union would be a waste of tax payer's dollar while hoping that we forget the fact that unions are also a waste of tax payer's dollars!

Which will lead us into the "contract negotiations" coming up soon with the union & RTD.
I used quotes because they really aren't negotiations but extortion of the tax payer by the union.

They'll threaten every body's livelihood, every body's jobs, family and education just to keep their pockets lined with your hard earned tax dollars.
They'll sit home, eating pork rinds - on strike - while you're cut off from work, school, doctors and family, all so that they can continue to extort more and more benefits that even the tax payer can't afford for themselves, let alone the union thugs who do nothing but collect tax dollars to collect more tax dollars.

I've been keeping a low profile - you've noticed the lack of posts this summer.
Too much anger, hatred, and negative attention lately and almost every last one of these are union employees - not RTD employees.
In my mind - my professional opinion - there is a huge difference between those of us who work FOR RTD and are forced to join the union and the others who work for the union here at RTD.

I have tons of stories from the summer, and tons of news but it's still too hot.
Every body's too grumpy.
Folks are driving like mad people and I'm too nervous to pull my attention from the road at the moment.

I miss y'all.
I'm still here and I'll be back more frequently - shortly.

I'm gonna be as good a source of information when the union strikes.
I want to make sure I stab them in the back as many times as I can, giving you as much knowledge to fight them as we can.
Exposing their lies and secrets and their greed.

LOL - oh, have I told you I'm not a fan of the union?
Just in case you couldn't tell!

As Always, "Welcome aboard, Find your seats, Enjoy the AC - Let's Roll!"

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Somebody Had A Dream.....

Some folks remember the dream this gentleman had?
About living in a nation where his children would be judged by the content of their character...

My recent posts have reflected on racist drivers and the union.
I was told a story today about the union and two racist drivers and their connections.

In its current form, the union supports discrimination and racism.
As a liberal organization, one of its policies is a reflection of the ancient "Affirmative Action."
It forces RTD to hire based upon race, skin colour and gender rather than upon qualifications - the content of an employee's character as it were.

So here's the story I was told:

At least 7 years ago there were two drivers on a bus making racist and religionist jokes back and forth between each other. 
But there was a third person who happened to be another driver who was hearing all this interplay.
Eventually the two drivers were disciplined and asked to sign a sort of probationary agreement that allows them to remain with the company but reminds them that they are one strike away from being released if they don't improve their performance.
One driver refused to sign the agreement and was let go.
The other driver signed the agreement but during probation broke both state and local driving laws and a local ordinance and was let go as well.

This is where the story should end but remember, we are choked by a union that forces RTD to retain crappy employees.

The driver who signed the probationary agreement and was eventually fired went on to work at FedEx for the last seven years and is now coming back to drive once again for RTD.
That driver is getting his job back!

The guy who got fired because he wouldn't agree to the probation fought the decision with his union and against RTD's better judgement was not only given his job back but was paid back pay for the 9 months he was out of his job!

And as his previous behaviour had already shown to both his employer and everybody who had a brain cell, this driver went on to "lose it" with a passenger and beat the poor guy to within half an inch of his life.
He was fired again.

Had there been an ounce of justice in the system, that employee would not only owe that 9 months of back pay to RTD (the tax payers) but the union would also have to repay RTD (the tax payers) for all the months that they forced RTD to rehire and employ a driver who everybody already knew was bad business.

And if history has shown us anything, the driver who went to FedEx and is now coming back to RTD, shouldn't be allowed to or should sign an agreement to reimburse the company & tax payers for his salary if he hasn't changed for the better after his past two strikes against the system.

Keep in mind these are stories I was told about the history of drivers and the union here at RTD.
While I trust the story tellers believe that what they told me is true, there is no real way to verify the veracity of the facts but it does support the ties that bind racism and sexism that are evident between the union and some of these drivers.

One more great fact about a union that forces RTD to be a party to these horrible and wicked practices & policies.
One more reason that the union has to go and hopefully will someday.

As Always, "Welcome aboard, Find your seats, Avoid the Unionists - Let's Roll!"

You Gotta Fight, For Your Right.....

To Be Union Free!!!

Ok, a little poetic license applied there.

By now we've all heard about the brouhaha in Wisconsin.
In a very democratic, union friendly state a conservative and anti-union Gov. Scott Walker is elected and tasked to trim back the public unions.
After he does what he's asked to do, the extreme left throws a recall election at him and in an overwhelming turn, he survives as do his actions against the unions.
While that sounds boring, keep in mind that he and his agenda not only survive but are supported and approved by a very liberal state, by a democratically controlled Senate and Congress in that state.

Good stuff right?
Gives us all hope.

Now to Colorado.
Some of y'all may have heard that Douglas County school district is in "negotiations" with the Douglas County Federation of Teachers (a union).
Three of the bigger issues are:
1) The School District collects union fees/dues - they no longer want to be the go between.
2) The School District no longer wants to pay union employees who leave the classroom to do union work.
3) There are Union Representatives who are also School District administrators. The School District (as well as many teachers) say this is an extreme conflict of interest, as during negotiations and strikes, these employees sit on both sides of the table, compromising their respective positions.

The Union has given in on these issues.

And now it's time to look at the union that controls RTD.

The Union (ATU 1001) is going to be in negotiations with RTD for a new contract by the first quarter of 2013.
And these same three points that Douglas County just hit on are also in place here at RTD.

RTD collects the (I call them extortion fees) dues for the union.
RTD should have nothing to do with this.
If workers had to pay the fees/dues from their "after tax" income, out of their pockets rather than pre-tax & before they even receive their pay checks, they'd be far more upset and bucking the system.

I found this quote:

"Ending the payroll withholding of dues has resulted in large drops in union membership in other locations."

Go figure!

Also, we have union employees (reps) who are also RTD employees and they are paid by RTD to work at the Union, away from work.
Most of these union reps are known for the brand new vehicles and homes they purchase during and after their terms in office.

I'm betting money that we are going to see some attempt at a strike next year.
The myriad of Drivers and Mechanics (all the same union) with whom I've spoken have all said they are crossing strike lines.
Nobody can afford time off, nobody wants to tick off the tax payer/voter/passengers.
And folks just can't seem to see the benefit of supporting a group of union reps who gave themselves raises when the tax payer couldn't afford it, when nobody at RTD got raises and funded by the union employees from our pay checks!

I'm sure there will be some who strike but you'll see most of us right back here at work.
And when they do strike, you'll still see Veolia & First Transit working their routes and filling in those routes RTD can't run because of the strike.
But you'll still see the majority of RTD Drivers & employees on the job.
We know how to beat the strike without suffering financial penalty and hard ship.

Keep an eye on Douglas County's School District negotiations and look for RTD's negotiations with ATU later this year and early next.

Call RTD and tell them you support them and you can't afford to pay these entitlement minded unionists the huge sums and benefits they feel that you owe them!
And call ATU and tell them to give it up or get busted (and kicked out of RTD) that you don't support their entitlement mindset - you don't owe them anything.

As Always, "Welcome aboard, Find your seats, Tell the unions to take a hike - Let's Roll!"

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I Get Knocked Down...

But I Get Up Again...

I really can't wait for this new Smart Card to go live.

I Drive some extremely busy routes.
The only "busy" route I haven't gotten the chance to do on a regular basis is the 15 and I'm dying for that option to come to Platte so I can sign up!

That said...

These busy routes have a larger number of fare evaders.
Not a higher percentage mind you, just a larger pool.

When somebody doesn't pay the correct fare, it's my job to repeat the talk track:
"The correct Fare is "$X" and I'm not authorized to provide free rides."
I sometimes throw in the "We need to continue on the route, it's your choice whether to ride or not?"
Folks will stare at me, waiting for my "acceptance" of their partial fares or for some type of permission for them to not pay the correct fare so they can say, "The Driver said it was ok...."
I can't give it to you.

When you thank me after boarding without paying full fare, I feel like adding, "Please don't thank me, I'm not an accomplice to you breaking the law!"

The reason for the talk track is because every once in a while there is a Fare Inspector behind us who waits to see what choice the passengers will make, whether to board without having paid the correct fare.

With all these cut backs this year, we're seeing less and less fare enforcement.
It's left us Drivers feeling hung out to dry.

Me, I have almost given up on the talk track.
I start it these days but the passengers have already all heard it, and they know there's nobody to enforce it so fewer and fewer evaders care.
They don't even put in the effort anymore to come up with some type of excuse or to even put in 13 cents then ask for a transfer.

These days they just ignore me and hop on the bus.

I'm crying Wolf and they know it.

Drivers are instructed to hit the "fare" button on our radios and to record the incorrect fare on our fare boxes.
We even fill out "incident reports" but after all the reports I've completed, I've yet to see any results or enforcement outside of a couple of random inspections this vote.

When y'all ask why the Fares are being raised (soon) I'm going to be pointing at the other passengers around you and explaining that they are stealing from your pockets.

In the meantime, I'm getting knocked out behind this fare box and I'm starting to struggle with getting back up.
My light at the end of the tunnel is these new Smart Cards that will eliminate 90% of this evasion.

As Always, "Welcome aboard, Pay the danged Fare, Find your seats - Let's Roll!"

I Love My Job - WE LOVE IT!

You know one of the top reasons on my list of reasons that I love this job?

The people slash customers slash passengers.

I love when I pull close to a stop and the folks standing outside see me, light up, smile and board the bus with an, "I'm glad to see you!"

That makes me happy.

I know they're glad to see me because I'm "not as bad as their other Drivers" so it's a guilty feeling when it makes me happy.
But hey, I'll take what I can get with this job.


I love the smiles, the warm welcomes, the sharing of facebook pages, the support and defense when somebody treats one of the other passengers like poop or even when another driver on the road almost hits us (the bus) and these regulars go nuts with swearing and sign language!

I love the loyalty they express.
I often joke about them cheating on me with other Drivers when I'm on another route.
I'm truly surprised that I know the lives and habits of sooo many customers across so many routes across Denver and the burbs.
This is only my Third year and I'm really shocked that I have gotten so close to so many customers.

I pictured that I'd just be some nameless and faceless warm body chauffeuring the cattle to and fro around the state.
It's turned out to be quite the opposite.
These folks have become family.

I look forward to the updates the next day/week and I'm actually sad & disappointed when somebody doesn't show.
And I hear the same when I don't show on their route the next day or week.

That's when I hear, "Boy am I glad to see your smile!"
That makes me happy and makes me look forward to the next time.

That's one of the top reasons on my list of reasons that I love this job.

As Always, "Welcome aboard, Wear your smiles, Find your seats - Let's Roll!"

47 Bottles of Beer on the Wall...

Is it possible to substitute shots of Tequila in this song?
I won't tell, I promise...

Only 47 shots left until the next vote.

This week has been an eventful if not fearful week.

Remember that scary driver I told you that I have to work with this vote?
That driver told me that I was not allowed to ride that driver's bus to our relief point, that I had to ride another and meet that driver later.
Turns out I'm not allowed to ride with that driver because of my gender and race.

I asked around about that driver and got some history.
It would appear there is an abundance of "history" and I'm not the first to feel this driver's racist and sexist wrath.

I arrived at my pick up point a few minutes too early and when the bus arrived, I boarded.
I didn't realize I was about 5 minutes early or that I'd met this driver's bus by accident until it was too late and I was boarding.
The driver gave me a look, rolled the eyes and made a few "under the breath" colourful remarks.

I hid in the back corner the whole ride out and got off early to wait for the next bus with hopes of making it out alive.
Of course the damage was already done and that driver came nearly 10 minutes late to our "relief point" (usually a minute or two early) and while riding back, placed a few phone calls within my earshot to that driver's supervisory friends.
Those calls have resulted in my harassment the last couple of days.

I'd spoken to my supervisor mentor and a couple of other supervisors I've grown to trust.
They all want me to file a report and "grievance."
My fear is that because I'm the less "senior" in this instance, I'll be banished to Boulder or East Metro and I can't afford to work that far from home.
That hardship will cost me my job.

Somebody else's hatred: racism & sexism will cost me my job.

So I'm going to have to watch my Ps & Qs, dot my Is and cross my Ts for the next 47 days and pray to God that I don't arrive at work early either!
I need to lay low, roll with the punches and hide under a rock for the next few weeks until I can get out of this driver's sight and out of mind.

I'm not a drinker, can't stand it really but I sure could use those 47 shots of Tequila right now!

As Always, "Welcome aboard, Grab a Shot, Find your seats - Let's Roll!"