Thursday, September 6, 2012

Just wow!

It's been a very long, very hot summer.

And it's been a hard one on Drivers this year.

The heat has driven passengers crazy and driven some of the extreme elements of our workforce to show their true colours.
I've never been subject to as much hatred and racism and discrimination as I have this year alone and every bit of it from "union" employees here at RTD.

Sadly, there's not a whole lot RTD can do about it.
We had a survey recently but that's cosmetic.
The bad element gets to keep their jobs, protected by the union and encouraged some might even venture to say.
Leaving RTD with black eyes thanks to union values (or lack thereof!)

And this leads us to a huge fight coming shortly.

Douglas County's fight with the teacher's union is still going on:

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The union scared to death of allowing the public to vote on the union's life.
Knowing that the public has no sympathy for unions - as evidenced in Wisconsin this year.

So of course they did the liberal spin and dance like we hear o'bummer doing during his campaign, telling us that a public vote against the union would be a waste of tax payer's dollar while hoping that we forget the fact that unions are also a waste of tax payer's dollars!

Which will lead us into the "contract negotiations" coming up soon with the union & RTD.
I used quotes because they really aren't negotiations but extortion of the tax payer by the union.

They'll threaten every body's livelihood, every body's jobs, family and education just to keep their pockets lined with your hard earned tax dollars.
They'll sit home, eating pork rinds - on strike - while you're cut off from work, school, doctors and family, all so that they can continue to extort more and more benefits that even the tax payer can't afford for themselves, let alone the union thugs who do nothing but collect tax dollars to collect more tax dollars.

I've been keeping a low profile - you've noticed the lack of posts this summer.
Too much anger, hatred, and negative attention lately and almost every last one of these are union employees - not RTD employees.
In my mind - my professional opinion - there is a huge difference between those of us who work FOR RTD and are forced to join the union and the others who work for the union here at RTD.

I have tons of stories from the summer, and tons of news but it's still too hot.
Every body's too grumpy.
Folks are driving like mad people and I'm too nervous to pull my attention from the road at the moment.

I miss y'all.
I'm still here and I'll be back more frequently - shortly.

I'm gonna be as good a source of information when the union strikes.
I want to make sure I stab them in the back as many times as I can, giving you as much knowledge to fight them as we can.
Exposing their lies and secrets and their greed.

LOL - oh, have I told you I'm not a fan of the union?
Just in case you couldn't tell!

As Always, "Welcome aboard, Find your seats, Enjoy the AC - Let's Roll!"

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