Thursday, July 21, 2011

Listen Up!

Over and over again I've been getting emails from folks who complain about the number of accidents and bad drivers behind the wheel.

I'm going to say this yet again for you complainers:

I'm a Driver at RTD, not the crap private companies about which you're complaining.
I'd complain too if I had to ride those lines or if I was involved in their myriad of accidents.

RTD only runs about 60% of the routes.
The rest are run, operated and maintained by the private companies.

The majority of accidents and of drivers ticking y'all off are from the privates.

Give them a call.
And call the union since they keep giving work away to the private companies.

You know how the unions on a national level have caused millions of American jobs to go overseas and tons of companies and manufacturers to head out of the country and to the foreign nations?
Well, the same happens here at RTD - the union forces RTD jobs to be outsourced to the private companies.

And as you can see by the quality of the service y'all receive from these private companies...

So if you want to comment about a bus that while leased from RTD, but not operated or maintained by RTD, think twice, then think a third time and please don't waste your time writing.
The privates frustrate and make me just as sad as they do you.
They embarrass me so I'd rather not be associated with them and I'm not: I'm an RTD Driver.

Ok, enough said!

As Always, "Welcome aboard, find your seats - Let's Roll!"

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