Thursday, January 19, 2012

Smartphones to the Rescue?

Sample MobiScan Barcode
A couple of years back we started the "MyStop" program where you can be at a stop, pick up your phone and call RTD then punch in the 5 numbers you find on your stop and get a recording telling you when the next however many buses are "approximately" going to be stopping there.

On that note, we all carry (most of us) smartphones, right?
Why not stick those MobiScan barcodes on the bus stop sings as well?
We can just walk up to and scan the barcode and the schedule immediately pops up.

That works 24 hours a day and is more thorough than the recording that only tells you a limited number of times and stops on your route.

Just a thought, it's cheap and easy.
Scan that barcode and see where it takes y'all!?

As Always, "Welcome aboard, break out your smartphones, find your seats - Let's Roll!"

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