Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Occupy RTD/Transit

From some random bus Driver to you, the passenger:

If you travel through The Civic Centre Station in Denver, reroute your trips/buses tomorrow or simply take the day off.

That's coming from me, somebody who doesn't want my riders, my customers, my passengers harassed by liberal entitleists who want more of your tax dollars to support their lifestyles.
That's not coming from RTD - remember that this is my personal blog, my personal thoughts and ideas and that RTD neither supports nor endorses my blog.

Don't go to the Civic Centre Station.
It's going to be
occupied by teacher's unions, police and fire fighter's unions, every union in the city/state that the ATU (bus driver's union) can get to support them.
All in their orange shirts that will read something about the 99% and occupy...

Recently, the Liberal Senate has tried to increase spending (more of your tax dollars) on transportation and removed the caps that can be spent on wages/salaries.
Of course the Conservative Congress has offered their own version of The Bill that restricts how much unions can make/profit from the tax payer's dollar and budgets even more on transportation, including roads, bridges and buses/trains.

But of course the Senate squashed the Congressional Bill and Congress returned the favour when the Senate Bill reached them.

There's been a 90 day extension but none of this effects YOU.

RTD is funded by tax dollars, whether local, State or Federal.
Close to $1 in $5 of the budget comes from fares, those who ride and actually pay for their rides.

RTD has made cuts that keeps the service running for at least 6 more years, in the black.

Whatever the Congress & Senate do with their budgets really only affect the profits that the unions make.

Yes I am an RTD Driver, and that means I'm a union member.
But if Colorado gave us the freedom of choice to join the union while employed at RTD, the union would have almost ZERO membership - nobody wants them!

Anywho, you're going to see some orange shirted unionists, entitlement minded folks who think you, the tax payer should support them, the "99%."
They are going to be handing out leaflets, fliers and accosting and harassing RTD customers all day.

As a Driver, I notice that when the Occupy Denver nutters march through town, fill up the streets and down the 16th Street Mall, that the majority of folks, pedestrians make the choice to go some place else.
I recommend y'all make that same choice tomorrow, April 4th.

They are coming, the
Occupy RTD/Transit entitleists.
Watch out!

As Always, "Welcome aboard, Screw Occupy, Find your seats - Let's Roll!"

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