Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Pull My Finger?

So I am tooling down the road, picking up my passengers when two guys board, obviously high on drugs.
So high that many of the other passengers complained and joked that they were all getting contact highs!

One of the drug addicts screams to the other, "Dude, smell my fingers!"
To which there was a collective EWWWW on the bus.
The druggie said,"Dudes, it's Alabama kush..."
Which I can only assume is the name of whatever designer drug he'd been smoking.

But I didn't skip a beat and had to jump through the open door he'd presented and scratched my butt as I said,"Dude, Italian toosh!"
I know it was inappropriate but...

The whole bus exploded with laughter and I felt satisfied that we'd defused some situation.

But I gotta mention that breathing those fumes, breathing in those toxic drug fumes in a closed environment for over an hour was not only seriously offensive to me and the sober passengers but could not have been good for our health!

As Always, "Welcome Aboard, find your seats, extinguish your dope and Let's Roll!"

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