Friday, May 25, 2012

Keep On Testing

Hola Folks!

I while back I mentioned the new Smart Card that's a coming.
More and more of you are noticing all the new consoles and card readers on our buses.

I've already described it pretty completely in a previous post and I'm pretty sure I linked y'all to the RTD page ------
CLICK HERE  ------

So click those links again.
If you have any questions, we're told we can direct you to call them at:

Bottom line is that we are aiming at the goal of being 90% cashless by the end of next year.
Obviously someone will always have cash to pay his fare.

But we're consolidating all of the Eco, school/college and monthly discount passes onto one card.
No more tickets or transfers (well, if you use cash you'll get a transfer)

If you have a card meant to be used on RTD, you'll eventually be issued a Smart Card that will replace what you're using now.
No more confusion over whether you can use a transfer coming back or whether your transfer lasts long enough.
No more "The Driver" forgot to give me a transfer or losing your transfers.
No more passing monthly passes or transfers back to your friends about to board behind you or handing them out the windows.
No more not having enough change or trying to sneak on with a discount pass but not having the proof of discount.

That card reader will blare very loudly when you try to cheat the system, and everybody else on the bus, including the fare inspector sitting right there will know.

So read up, ask your Drivers for more information.
We all know what's coming and what that card will do.
Or call the number: 303-299-CARD

As Always, "Welcome aboard, Toss your cash and get a Smart Card, Find your seats - Let's Roll!"

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