Thursday, May 24, 2012

Gimme All Your Money...

All your hugs and kisses too...

So it turns out (I missed this reading The Contract) that the union extorted a profit sharing entitlement from RTD, but less surprising is that RTD doesn't and won't ever make a profit.
RTD can only spend what it receives from the taxpayer, from the ads on vehicles and from the fare boxes.
When those revenue sources atrophy we have to cut back operations as we saw at the beginning of this year.
There are no profits or shareholders to go to in order to fill in the gaps.
That's like expecting the Fire department or police to make a profit.
Just can't and won't happen.
So why does the union have a profit sharing entitlement program in place?
More liberal greed of course.
But they used 2008 numbers to force a .4% increase from then to now in revenue in order to pay thousands of employees $750!
That's money that could have been used to keep the buses cleaned or repaired or even running one hour longer when you are getting off or going to work.
One Senior Driver told me it is a ploy to get our union fees paid each year.
Fees the union has increased to just this side of a grand each year.

Again I ask, "Why do we have a profit sharing entitlement program when our employer doesn't make a profit and why do you, the tax payer slash customer support this entitlement?"

As Always, "Welcome Aboard, Pay our union fees, Find your seats, Let's Roll!"

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