Sunday, May 27, 2012

Treat Her Like A Prostitute!

Good Ol' Slick Rick...

On occasion I'm allowed to drive routes that go West over a variety of stops.
If I'm on the 38 I get to stop at Federal, Irving, Lowell & Perry.
If I'm on the 44 I get to stop at Federal, Hooker, Julian, Lowell then Perry.

I'm the kinda Driver who likes to call out every stop as we leave the current stop so the Passengers know what's coming next and have time to decide whether they want off.
But on the 44, I almost always skip calling out Hooker street.

The one time I called it out, on one of my first trips on the 44 I just happened to have boarded at Federal, a few pretty young Ladies who were laughing and joking with me.
As they sat down and I pulled out of the stop, I called out, "Hooker!"

The gals got quiet, serious and gasped as one, "Excuse Me!?"

I could have avoided it with, "The Next Stop Is, Hooker!"

Since then, I've simply fallen silent since I rarely have folks disembark at the stop anyway.

The other day I was heading East and around Kipling I picked up a spry older Lady who asked for the lift (she had a full load of luggage)
While she was coming up I asked her where she'd like to go today.
I always ask so that I can watch for the stop and stop in such a way that I can deploy the lift without issue.

She looked at me and gave me the, "Wait a minute" finger.

As she got on the bus, she approached my ear and whispered, "I'm going to Hooker!"
"I happen to know where that is," I laughed.
"I don't like saying that word out loud," she quietly laughs back.

She sat beside me so as we approached Hooker I simply called out, "Next stop, the street that won't be named!"
We all had a good giggle then moved along.

As Always, "Welcome aboard, Watch out for Hooker, Find your seats - Let's Roll!"

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