Monday, December 6, 2010

Baby It's Cold Outside...

It's that time of the year again so it needs to be said all over again:
Bring a light!
Stay Warm!
Come Early!

I've said all these before but I wanna say it all again.

So here are some updated tips:

- Don't eat snow, whether it's yellow or white. With so much pollution & acid in the precipitation it'll make you sick, at least.

- If you see a bus, whether school bus or RTD with its flashers on (4-ways) - don't dart around just because you're way too busy and important to sit and wait for the passengers to disembark the bus and walk around and possibly across the street into your path!

- Don't threaten somebody while talking on your cell phone on the bus. Heck, don't threaten anybody while on the bus. We have cameras that record audio and video and there are other passengers usually calling authorities while you're still making the threats.

- If you don't have the fare, don't tell me or ask me for a free ride. That leaves me two options: 1) I have to be the jerk who tells you no or 2) I have to be the accomplice who just broke the law with you and I get fined as well (or at least written up when other passengers call and complain and my bosses watch the videos and show me the evidence against me)

- If you're waiting at the bus stop and you're not sure whether I'm going to stop, that's because I'm not sure whether you're waiting on the bus to stop. Take your hands out of your pockets, wipe that dumb look off your face and start waving at me while walking towards the bus stop sign so I know you need me.

- If I can't see you, I ain't stopping. Don't sit or stand in the shadows, behind trees or signs or newspaper dispensers, etc. And bring a flashlight or break out the cell phone and turn it on so I can see your light.

- It's dark out now, I can't see you running for the stop. Leave earlier, arrive earlier. So many people are being late that I'm starting to run on time these days because there's nobody to pick up at the stops!

And this one has gotta be the most important lately because as the temps drop, the heaters come on and the windows close: bring lysol of you know you're gonna be gassy. Just man up and fess up. The rest of us would rather be breathing lysol than your racing stripes. Nobody's gonna be offended if you break out the air freshener.
I may even thank you over the sound system!

So these may be a little random but hey - It took me and four other Drivers to come up with these for y'all.

As always, "Welcome aboard, find your seats - Let's Roll!"

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