Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Over The Hills & Through The Woods..

Oh My God, Becky....

I drive daily in rush hour traffic.
Both morning and night.

And I drive on the weekends, which is usually a breeze - unless there is a Sporting event or something fun like Labour Day Weekend!

But lately, because of all the Christmas shopping the roads are becoming packed.
And when I say packed I mean freaking jammed.
Rush hour traffic is nothing compared to Weekend Christmas traffic.

Rush Hour traffic is all the usual suspects, knowing all the usual jams, knowing all the usual procedures for letting people in, over and around.
We wave at each other and nobody honks.
We have patience and understanding.
Of course we're all stressed and wanna get to work or get home but we do this daily so we're used to it.

Weekend Christmas traffic is none of that.
Oh, y'all wave at me constantly but it's the "I love you, you're number one" hand signal y'all are waving.
And honking seems to be the rule, not the exception.
Patience? Understanding?
ha ha ha ha ha
Yeah right!
Heck - I was "laying over" for three minutes at a bus stop.
Four Way flashers on.
Engine off.
And some lady was sitting behind me the whole time, honking.
You are the only car on the road besides me.
Go around.
But she had to honk and wait for me to start the bus back up before she decided to slowly go around so that she could roll down her passenger window and give me a very vulgar Christmas greeting!
While I was impressed with her creativity and projection, I don't think the families already on the bus were as impressed or thrilled that their kiddos learned some new phrases.

My job has become even more exciting, even more adventurous.
I appreciate the 100 tiny heart attacks and all the love y'all share with me over the weekends.
I appreciate keeping my job new and different, especially during this Season.

Thank you.

As always, "Welcome aboard, find your seats - Let's Roll!"

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