Saturday, January 1, 2011

Once Again - The Reminder...

I gotta start the New Year by reminding you that this is my personal blog.
This is just the blog of some guy who happens to drive a bus for a company called RTD.
I don't speak for RTD and my posts are neither supported nor endorsed by RTD.
And I don't speak for the other Drivers - even when they do suggest I say something.

It's all me.

And when I say RTD Drivers - I don't mean those freaking idiots who work for the privates.
Those dummies who give RTD Drivers a bad name.
You know them; you read about and see them all the time in the news.
They are the ones in all the accidents, giving all the crappy customer service and they are the same who are an hour late IF they show up to a stop at all.

I'm an RTD Driver, not one of the contractors who do not represent RTD, only driving buses leased from RTD by their private contract companies.

So my posts, my blog is just me, my thoughts and opinions.
Me, myself and I.

I don't represent RTD in my posts.
I don't represent the Union - EVER!
I don't represent the contractors - EVER - because I love you, the Passenger & Customer...

Anywho, I wanted to once again remind y'all that while I'm an RTD Driver, my posts, thoughts, opinions and blog are all me and are neither supported nor endorsed by RTD.

Got it?
Seriously, do I need to tell y'all this over and over?
RTD's Legal Department asked me to - so there!
You've been told.

All that said,  "Welcome aboard, find your seats - Let's Roll!"

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