Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Equal Work For Equal Pay?

We've all heard this a bazillion times over the last few decades.
Mostly we've been hearing it from American women and minorities.
And most Americans agree, mostly!

Oddly enough if you're a left wing, entitlement minded liberal who belongs to a public union...
You couldn't disagree more!

Most of you probably don't know and most likely don't care, but the public union that forces RTD to comply with its demands hates and has so much contempt for part time Drivers that not only do they keep them under employed at every opportunity but they also pay them less for the same work.

The union forces RTD to not only not give part timers any vacation/paid time off - not even sick days, so that close to 200 Drivers can be contagiously sick at any given time - but the union also forces RTD to pay part time Drivers less than other Drivers for the same hours worked.

I could (and have) go on but we all already know the hypocrisy of liberalism slash entitlists slash public unions.
They preach equality but unless it applies to them, they really don't mean it.
Lip service for the deaf.


As Always, "Welcome aboard, Demand Equal Pay, Find your seats - Let's Roll!"

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