Thursday, February 24, 2011

Please Please Mr. Postman...

Ok, I've said before that I don't allow comments because at least one in ten are of the "not so nice" kind.
I mostly ignore those comments.

Same way I ignore that stuff on the bus.
Act like I don't hear it and eventually folks get off the bus and the rest of us go on our merry way.

But I have one poster who tends to post comments at least every other day.
By now you'd think he'd get the hint that I'm neither allowing his comments nor responding to him.

I'd hate to set the precedent by rewarding his bad behaviour with a reply but I think I need to here.

To you Mr. Poster (First letter is J and it sounds like Slim!):

The route you regularly post about is not an RTD route.
It belongs to the private "For Profit" companies.
They lease buses from RTD and run those routes.

Their drivers are crap: I get complaints about their grumpiness, their rudeness and their lack of language skills and lack of knowledge of the routes.
You have illustrated what most of us already know: they can't stick to a schedule to save their lives.

This is the answer I'd give you if you came to me on the bus with this complaint Mr. J.
"I'm sorry your bus didn't arrive as scheduled. Please call the number listed on the schedule (303-299-6000)."

That route is not RTD.
Those Drivers are not RTD.
That service (or lack thereof) is not RTD.

I'm sorry Mr. J that you are so fed up with that route, with that service and with that company.
You said that if there were an alternative to them, you'd take it.

May I suggest you try riding RTD?
I know you thought that you were but I Gar-Un-Teee you that even our worst Driver will impress the crap outta you after the service you received using that other bus company.

Folks, I'm sorry for those other companies.
They don't pay their drivers very well and you really do get what you pay for.

For whatever myriad of reasons, I hear from Passengers and Drivers alike the horrors of the private companies driving the other routes.
The good Drivers eventually make their way to RTD while the rest make their way into those bad comments.

So let me offer y'all this challenge:
When you ride (or miss a ride) a bus that is horrible, get the bus number and whether the Driver is RTD.
Tell me not the "number" but the letter next to the numbers.
Tell me if it was an X or F or L.

I want to hear from y'all whether you have better or worse experiences on RTD.
I want to hear from you folks whether you notice the difference in Service and professionalism.

As Always, "Welcome aboard, find your seats, take MY number - Let's Roll!"

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