Monday, March 7, 2011

Frosty The Snowman...

Hey folks.
It's gonna snow tomorrow.
I wanted to remind you of a few tips.

The roads aren't usually the problems here in Denver and along the Front Range.
It's usually the other drivers on the roads that slow us down and provide hazards.
Most of us (Drivers) slow down and become extra precautious because of these other drivers.

Number one tip:
Be patient.
While most of us will still be on time, yours might be the bus that is running a little (or a lot?) late.

Try taking an earlier bus if you're able.
That may help with number one.

Move around, stand out at the stop.
When the weather turns this white and the roads become filled with crazy drivers, the bus Driver has to divide the majority of his attention to the roads/other drivers.
Help him to see you by making yourself obvious if you're able.
Many passengers try to avoid the bad weather by sitting deep in the shelter or standing inside stores or doorways near the stop.
The Driver won't see you until the last second and that makes it harder on slick roads for him to safely stop in time to pick you up.

Please dress warmly.
I know you're going to wear what you're going to wear but I can't tell you how badly I feel when I'm a few minutes late to a stop and you Ladies are dressed for summer but freezing outside.
I'm sorry.

If you're not a Passenger or a fellow Driver and you're reading this...
Please don't park your car on the streets during bad weather.
I know sometimes you just don't have another option.
But the roads get slick.
The lanes shrink.
Snow builds up next to the curb and many of you can't get close enough so you stick out into traffic.

It's the worst feeling in the world to feel a Ginormous bus start sliding down a tiny incline or into an intersection or drifting across the lane.
And in my experience, this hasn't happened on the highways or simply flying down the roads.
But it's happened to me going only a few miles an hour.
In traffic.
Downtown where the roads are narrow, slick and packed!

I've not hit anybody or anything yet.
I pray to God I never do.
But please help me prevent this and park wisely, yeah?

Be safe during these last few snow storms of the season.
Stay warm.
Stay alert.

Stay with us and let us do all the worrying in this weather.
Hop on board, toss in the earbuds.
Crank up the tunes.
Pass out for a few.

Let me Drive.
That's what you pay fares and taxes for.
I'm actually kinda good at it!

As Always, "Welcome aboard, find your seats - Let's Roll!"
Albeit slowly.

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