Sunday, October 2, 2011

Go Speed Racer - Go!

Race for the Cure today.

50,000 participants and more than $3,000,000.00 raised for the cause.
75% of that stays here in Colorado.

And if the Ladies on the microphone at the Finish Line are right, Denver is tied with St. Louis for first place as the largest in the Country for this event.

And speaking of the Ladies at the Finish Line - WOOHOO!!

Yeah, if you were there and heard them for more than a few minutes, you know exactly what I mean when I say, "WOOHOO!"

LOL - of course as a Driver I was able to listen to these Ladies for a few minutes at a time as I sat in Lot B near the Finish Line while participants loaded onto the bus to be taken home after the Race.
So it was entertaining and at one point, I lost count of how many times these Ladies said, "WOOHOO!"

Does anybody know who these Ladies are?
I tried to look them up on the Komen site and one of the Ladies sounded like Rosie O'Donnell - in a good way of course.

Anyway, this year was WAY busier than last year and the sea of participants seemed endless as I drove back and forth all morning long from the Finish Line to various Park N Rides.
Passing under and around that sea streaming along Colfax and up and down the on and off ramps.
I'm told the sea of Pink Participants forms a Pink Ribbon right there at the Finish Line - I'll have to look that up on YouTube.

Thanks for being such a fun group of riders, of racers and of participants.
Second only to the Bolder Boulder folks, I LOVE volunteering to drive for y'all each year.

As Always, "Welcome aboard, gimme a WOOHOO, find your seats - Let's Roll!"

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