Monday, October 3, 2011

Why Do I Feel Like Somebody's Watching Me?

Around this time last year, RTD began a new test to see if having new cameras on some buses helped protect Drivers and passengers.

The cameras we have currently show various angles and views within the bus but you can't see what the driver is doing, whether texting, on the phone or simply falling asleep.
Nor can you see what's going on in a 180° outside the front of the bus.

The new cameras began recording when a Driver hit a panic button and when the bus hit a big enough bump - that could be interpreted as an accident - and when the bus stopped or swerved quickly and sharply enough that it could also be considered an accident.

Those video clips were monitored by a third party and sent to RTD if there were concerns.

The majority of the concerns came from Driver's habits that could stand to be corrected.
Habits that caused safety concerns.

Safety is RTD's number one priority - the Passenger (customer) and other traffic both vehicular and pedestrian are our number one concern.

But not the Union - they could care less about y'all.
The unions lied to everybody about the benefits of the cameras.
They said that the cameras would not improve Driving habits.
They said the cameras were not cheaper, more efficient and complete than the current systems.
They said they would not save money in insurance claims, whether to the costs of holding the insurance or the pay outs made.

Senior (union friendly) Drivers went nuts.
The union threw a fit.
Drivers complained that their privacy was being violated.
That they didn't want to be watched while they ate their lunches or picked their noses while they drove.
They felt they were entitled to privacy while they were operating public tax payer vehicles owned by their employers.

There's that "entitlement" mindset again, which rules the unions and ruins companies.

The fact that they are on company time, company property, operating company equipment doesn't matter to a union friendly Driver.
The fact that they are responsible for hundreds of lives and paid by those hundreds of lives doesn't matter to a union friendly Driver.

These Drivers and their union are entitlement minded, they are self absorbed.
You OWE them a pay check and you owe them privacy.
They don't owe you any accountability, or any responsibility.

Taking correction for simple bad habits that can make them better Drivers, safer Drivers and improve the quality of service we provide to you, the customer and our employer...that is not within the paradigm of the union friendly, entitlement minded Driver.

I'm sure I have a few bad habits but I'm still in my second year and my habits can be corrected.
Personally I take correction well because I am customer service oriented.
I know that my corrections improve my service to the customer and when my service improves, attendance grows and revenue increases.
I also know that if I'm hit or involved in an accident that is not my fault, that camera will cover my rump and show hard core proof that will save my bacon.
Those cameras showed a 360° view of everything inside and outside of the bus, including what I'm doing and what folks are doing around me.
I felt better having those cameras in the bus.
I wished RTD had turned on the "watch live" feature so that they could log in when they contacted us and they could see and monitor live what is happening both in and outside and help or take action accordingly.The police can use that feature in the case of dummies on the bus who are intent on harm.

Needless to say, those cameras all disappeared after the six or 8 month trial period.

Union friendly and entitlement minded Drivers are all happily back to their bad habits, no cares or concerns of being corrected or even recognized for their behaviour.

I've even been on a few buses where the Drivers use their phones while driving, telling me outright that they know they won't be fired, at most they'll get a counselling memo!

You, the passenger and the payer of the taxes that pay our bills and wages - you should complain left and right.
Demand more accountability from Drivers, that we are safer and use your tax dollars more wisely.
You demand it from representatives, police and firemen who are paid with tax payer funds.
Why not your bus Drivers as well?

As Always, "Welcome aboard, smile for the camera, find your seats - Let's Roll!"

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