Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Say What You Wanna Say...

Today a passenger creeped up to me on his way out, girlfriend in tow and he dropped his voice really low and got his game on:
"Yo, can I get another transfer? You only gave us one and we paid for two!"

Ok, first - yes, I'll give you one because overall it's better customer service and God knows I could have made a mistake.

But second:
I give everybody their transfers WHEN they pay.

I have one ripped off in my hand and already held out to you the moment you walk up, before you even pay because I want that to be on your mind as you pay and see that so that you’re ready and I can immediately accommodate your request for one.

Thirdly – had I forgotten to give you a second transfer, you know darn well that either you’d have said something right then and there (whether to show your woman you’re responsible or tough) or your girlfriend would have spoken up and reminded you to get the second ticket.

C’mon – I know the routine; I get hammered with attempts to get free rides and transfers all day and night long.
This isn’t my first trip to the rodeo, don’t think you’re pulling one over on me.

But when all is said and done, I don’t say all of this out loud to you because that’s rude.

I was taught 30 some odd years ago when I first got a job and started serving the public that the customer is ALWAYS right.

It takes longer to argue with you, it causes more stress and revenue loss to debate you than it does to just give you another slip of paper.

I’m sad that it doesn’t bother you that you are stealing from the other passengers who’ve paid their fares, from the tax payers who pay your fares and from RTD who provides the service.

I see you, thief.
I hit the button and recorded your theft.

Maybe next time a fare inspector will be on board when you try that….

As Always, "Welcome aboard, pay your dang fare, find your seats - Let's Roll!"

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