Monday, October 18, 2010

It's The Law!

So I'm sure 100's of Drivers before me have asked this question.
And when I ask my supers, they give me a look like, "Shut up, Kid!"

It's the Law here in Colorado.
We're not allowed to Text & Drive.

And as CDL & RTD Drivers, we're not allowed to text or to be on the phones while Driving.
Not even hands free.
Anything that distracts from our attention is a huge "No No"

So why do "they" constantly text us or call us while we're Driving?

Every time a text comes over the radio, I gotta pull over and read the text.

One time, the Bus was packed - Standing Room Only.
Major traffic downtown, I was turning into a really busy stop.
The vehicle & Passenger traffic had us WAY behind schedule.

And "They" had the nerve to call me on the phone.
When I was unable to answer right away, I could hear them hollering at me,
"Bus XXXX, pick up the phone!"


Anywho - it's one of those "Why don't we park on the parkway and driver on the driveway?" type of questions.
The question that when I ask I'm told it's my job to answer their texts and calls but nobody else's texts or calls.

Too Funny

As always, "Welcome aboard, find your seats - Let's Roll!"

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