Tuesday, August 3, 2010

And Now Back To Our Regularly Scheduled...

I've been hesitant to post again thanks to the notice by my employer that they are "eye-ballin" me.
Oh well, I mean I know that they have to distance themselves from views that are not politically correct.
I understand the whole, "We don't sponsor or endorse..." anything I write, say or do.
I just hope that doesn't mean they don't agree with much of what I write.
After-all, I love customers.
I'm always putting y'all first and believe the number one priority (besides safety of course) is the customer/passenger.

Speaking of not sponsoring or endorsing something...
I'm not a fan of the Union, in case y'all didn't already notice this.
So lemme ask you this:
In "the real world" what employer can require an employee to come in for 15 hours but only pay for 8?
Nobody's fooled by the "take a couple of hours off but be back here in two hours..." slight of hand.
And in the real world, what employer can get away with taking two equal employees but discriminating against the senior and chosing the junior employee for a promotion?

Ok, I'm getting off the subject here.
I understand RTD coming down on me and letting me know they see me.
I changed the Logo of this blog and I'm pretty sure everybody understands that RTD doesn't "sponsor or endorse" this blog.
I'm over it and will get back to posting for y'all.

And I've gotten requests from a few Senior Drivers (three actually) who want to write something for the blog.
Soon there will be more than just me relaying to you our tips, trips and adventures.

In the meantime, "Welcome aboard, find your seats - Let's Roll!"

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