Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Does This Bus Make Me Look Fat?

I was just reading that accidents on the passenger side of cars are happening at a rate of 3:1.

Wait, start over.

I'm sure y'all have been downtown on either Lincoln or Broadway.
Not just downtown, even further South but it's just REALLY bad downtown.
Cars parked on both sides of the streets and it's tight.
I mean REALLY tight.

Most little tiny cars have a hard time fitting in the side lanes with cars parked next to them let alone a big fat bus trying to squeeze into those lanes.

Most of the time the buses are on the right hand side and we're driving in those lanes praying to God that nobody opens a door at the last second.
No kiddos or pets dart between parked cars right in front of us.

Turns out that passengers in parked cars are three times more likely to get outta the car without checking traffic.
And accidents are happening three times more on the passenger side: doors being taken off, people getting hit, etc.
Seems that because the mirrors are not set for the passenger to see out of that side and because it's a habit for the driver to check the mirrors and not the passenger, the passenger is more likely to cause the accident.
Three times more likely.

So when a Driver is travelling down a street like Downing with cars tightly packed on BOTH sides, he's crossing fingers, praying to all the gods, hanging lucky rabbit feet and enlisting all the passengers to be look-outs.

All that said, keep any eye out before you get out of your car next time.
Drivers are looking for you but we're easier to see - so look before you leap.
Keep your doors, keep your mirrors and keep your dates by keeping alert.

Ok, that sounded really cheesy and public servicey.

Don't mind me, I'm just rambling my own opinions here - remember?
ha ha ha

As always, "Welcome aboard, find your seats - Let's Roll!"

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