Saturday, August 7, 2010

That's What I Think...

So you've heard that my posts are just my personal opinions.

According to "RTD Legal" they neither sponsor nor endorse my opinions, thoughts, ideas and attitudes.
I'm just a Driver who happens to work for RTD and who drives a bus for a living; mediocre living that it is!
While occasionally you'll hear me mention CDL laws or RTD rules, please remember that RTD neither endorses nor sponsors...

LOL - ok, now I'm just being silly but I guess that's how I feel about RTD's "legal department".
I mean, seriously?
A bus operation needs an internet legal department?

Ok, so all that said I really only thought my fellow Drivers read my posts.
I don't know how they've found me nor do I know how many actually read this.
I know a few Drivers know who I am (although I'd rather keep that a secret so I can post my opinions without fear of revenge...) and they ask me a ton of questions and give me a ton of requests for posts.
As I've said, a couple want to write some posts themselves.
I've even received a few questions from readers that would seem to be Passengers and not my fellow Drivers.

I'll answer questions now and again (I'll start with a couple here) but I don't think I'll allow comments on this blog.
Some of the mail & comments I get is inappropriate and vulgar/violent.
But I do plan to respond to that hate mail as well so keep it coming folks!


Q: Why won't you post the license plates and pictures of the cars who cut the buses off and who drive like (censored)?
A: Yeah, this was obviously from a fellow Driver who is upset with the amount of rude drivers here in Denver who have no respect for the bus. I've explained before that revenge at all, let alone this type of revenge is not appropriate of an RTD Driver. RTD didn't hire us because we have short fuses or tempers. They hired us because we make smart choices and decisions. Because we are long suffering and patient. Because we let crap roll off our shoulders, keep on smiling and do our jobs. Our concerns are for the safety of the Passenger, not the butt nugget in front of us.

Q: Why do you drive away while passengers are yelling and chasing the bus?
A: This was from a Passenger - I could tell by the way it was worded and I rewrote the question so it is easier to correctly answer. If you have been to an RTD transfer center or park n ride, you've noticed the signs posted nearly EVERYWHERE you point your head. The signs instruct passengers NOT to chase the buses or to expect to be allowed to board at any other spot than the loading gates. There is a HUGE safety concern that causes these signs. I watch the news like many of you and I've seen reports not only here in Denver but around the country of passengers who chase a bus, pound on the back as they run after it...
Slip, fall and get run over.
It is extremely dangerous to chase a bus. If you've seated yourself close to the Driver you've noticed how loud it is in the cockpit. We have road noise, fans, engines, brakes, air actuators, etc and we're lucky if we can hear our own thoughts let alone somebody outside hollering at the bus. We are very aware that folks may be chasing the bus while we're in the stations so we drive slowly and carefully and pay particular attention to the sides and back of our bus as we pull away. But there are blind spots, and people are small compared to the bus so y'all can pop in or out of sight within a second and that's all it takes for an accident to happen.
I really hate to be this rude but if you can help it, be early to the bus - whether this means taking an earlier connection or simply leaving the house a few minutes earlier.
We'll do our best to keep you safe but we need your help - please don't chase the bus, it's far too dangerous. You may be late because you missed a bus but at least you'll get to work at all.

Ok, I've got a ton more questions to answer but this post is long enough.
I picked these two because I've talked about them before so they were low hanging fruit - easy to pick.
I'll answer more later, so keep em coming.

And remember:
These are just my opinions and RTD neither endorses nor supports.....

Ha ha ha ha
As always, "Welcome aboard, find your seats - Let's Roll!"

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