Monday, July 19, 2010

How YOU Doin'?

I was taking to a Passenger this morning and she asked me something that took me back.
"Do you think it's right if Drivers flirt with Passengers?"

My immediate response was, "No!"
She explained how another Driver had flirted with her and I'd heard other Drivers tell their tales.

So let me explain why I don't think it's right.

The bus is a "safe place."
If there is an emergency and/or somebody needs help
You call 911, you look for a cop, a fireman, an ambulance or a bus.
If your kiddos are being chased, attacked, etc - get on the bus.
We'll close those doors, move the bus from the danger and call for help.
Same with your spouses and you.
We can provide shelter/safety then call for help.

It's dark and late at night.
You just left a bar and there are some shadey people following you.
This bright beacon of safety and light pulls up, opens the doors and you climb in.
The doors are shut, the outside can't get in.
You sit with a huge sigh and relax and the bus rolls away from the troubles.
Only to have the Driver who provided this shelter turn out to be as big a perv as the jerks you supposedly left behind!

Nobody needs that stress.

Drivers cannot get involved in emergencies but we can get help in case of emergencies.
We are not emergency responders but we can contact them.
In fact, we have a hotline to them.

Teach your kiddos, teach your spouses, and teach yourself that the bus is a safe place.
The Driver is responsible and can provide safety and call the authorities.

So, "No!" I do not think it's ok for a Driver to flirt with his passengers.
That's as irresponsible as a teacher flirting with his students or a doctor with his patients.
We have a responsibility to remain neutral and unthreatening - safe.

I understand that Drivers are flirted with all the time.
I also know that most people meet their spouses at their places of work.
I feel that the Driver should be the exception to the rule and remain "safe."

I want you to be comfortable, not creeped out.
My bus needs to be a safe place, safe haven and a place of trust.
I can't imagine violating that.
But that's probably just me.
I'm probably the only Driver who thinks this way.

As always, "Welcome aboard, find your seats - Let's Roll!"

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