Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Union Blues...

I love my job and I'm a generally happy person.
I love my passengers and love coming to work to serve y'all.

But I am finding it more and more difficult to give YOU, the passenger & customer the best that we [RTD] can give you.

I'm still in my first year as a Driver with RTD.
So I'm learning about my company and what I can do and need to do.
My assigned street Supervisor (mentor) has gone missing so I ask others.
But every time I call a manager at RTD to ask a question the answer I get is,
"You need to call your Union Rep, Driver."
But I work for RTD.

I have cost saving ideas that won't even be considered because the Union dictates the contracts and saving money for the public isn't even a factor.
It's all about greasing the palms of Union friendly businesses.

That friend of mine who was threatened by his manager for speaking out publicly against the Union?
He's been shortchanged on hours, missing paychecks, being told the wrong routes, etc.
Word is getting out that he isn't Union friendly.
He's talking about quitting and he only just got out of probation, his first 90 days!
He called some people to find out when the next vote to get rid of the Union will be held.
There won't be one, they OWN RTD.
You have to get a lawyer and start some petition and pay up the ying and get Senators & Congressmen to support it and put your left foot on top of the desk and you right hand behind your back while reaching around the ....
Yeah, jump through more hoops than it's worth.
The process has been designed that way, by the Union to cause RTD to have no choice but to hire Union Drivers and keep both the crappy and the good Drivers.

So I'm scared to death.
I have to keep my head low, my mouth shut and march to the Union beat or else...

I am sad that we [RTD] cannot provide you with the all around best customer service, the best financial practices and the best most professional attitudes that we are able.
That's the Union choking the good out of us, restricting what we give you.

But in spite of the Union, in spite of the poor morale they bring & cause, the dark shadows they cast on the company and the blues they give me at least twice a day...
In spite of that, I will do my absolute best -at least- to give you, my customers, my passengers the best, friendliest, safest and most efficient service and ride I possibly can.

Oh, my friend who is even more afraid than I am...?
The one who is considering quitting for fear of his life, his job and his family?
He records his concerns and sends me the files to keep.
Just in case [finger on side of nose] "anything" [/finger on side of nose] odd might happen!

Yeah, he's THAT paranoid and worried - but I completely understand, I'm almost that far along with him.

Ahhh, the Union Blues - I can just hear Crystal Gayle singing about it giving her Union Blues!
"Don't it give me Union Bluuuuueeesss..."

As always, "Welcome aboard, find your seats - Let's Roll!"

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