Monday, July 19, 2010

Pointing Fingers & Naming Names!

A few of the senior Drivers and more than a few of my fellow "new" Drivers have recommended that I start posting the license plate numbers of the numpties who drive like maniacs on the road out there.

We had a good laugh and then they told me they were serious.

That kinda frightened me.

I mean, the funny part is maybe there would be people out there on the road who would be given the "you're number one" hand sign, cuting them off on the road and honked at all morning long.
And they'd never realize why, only that it is occuring the day after they ticked off a bus full of riders.

I mean, it's kinda funny but the scarey part is that these Drivers would seriously do it.
C'mon folks, you can't let other drivers on the road get to you.

They are having bad mornings.
They don't know how to drive.
They are in a huge rush and cutting us off then sitting (parked) in front of us in traffic is getting them where ever they need to go faster.
They didn't see us before they made that turn into our lane.

There are a million excuses and not one of them deserves more than a second of our thought and time before we need to move on with our jobs as Drivers.

I've got at least 60 people behind me who have paid to have my thoughts be on them.
The guy in front of me driving like a numpty, he's a ghost - gone without a thought.

It's fun to entertain some sort of vigilante revenge in a non-violent way but c'mon...
I'd rather not get fired, not get a ticket, not end up on the news and just have another uneventful day.

Wouldn't y'all?
So, "Welcome aboard, find your seats - Let's Roll!"

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